Tyrone , PA

Buildings & Grounds Administrator

Tyrone, PA Full-time
Posted on April 12, 2019

Buildings and Grounds Administrator, Tyrone Area School District.  Full-time, 260 day position, full benefit package, and PA Employer Retirement.

Pay commensurate with education credentials and experience.

Bachelor’s Degree in Facilities Management and/or Professional Engineer Licensure preferred. 


Visit  April 26, 2019.



  • Bachelor's Degree in facilities management preferred or an equivalent
    combination of training and experience.
  • Five years of demonstrated experience and competence in mechanical and
    electrical systems, boilers, air conditioning equipment, water treatment and
    plumbing systems, building cleaning equipment and procedures, kitchen
    equipment, roof maintenance, building construction, scheduling procedures
    and preventive maintenance in commercial institutional buildings.
  • Five years of supervisory experience.
  • Ability to interpret building drawings, specifications, shop drawings, and
    contracts related to all school facilities.


Reports to: 

  • Business Administrator


  • All maintenance, grounds, custodial, security personnel


  1. To provide a safe and clean environment for students, staff, and community.
  2. To supervise maintenance and repair as needed and to be familiar with the equipment operation and cleaning and maintenance procedures in the building, to be subject to emergency calls to the building, strive to maintain a high level of morale and pride in the care of the buildings and grounds, maintain good communication with the principal, the teachers and the students in school.



  1. Assumes responsibility for keeping school district buildings and equipment in good condition.
  2. Assumes responsibility for the planning and scheduling of maintenance, required repairs, and facility
    upgrades for the school district.
  3. Establishes appropriate maintenance, grounds keeping, security and custodial requirements for the
    school district.
  4. Ensures that compliance with all applicable laws is maintained at a minimum.
  5. Determines detailed specifications for all supplies, materials and equipment.
  6. Recommends necessary purchases of supplies and equipment.
  7. lnspects all school district buildings and grounds on a regular basis to determine that high standards
    of workmanship, cleanliness, safety, and security are maintained.
  8. Conducts periodic inspection of all school district facilities to ensure fire safety.
  9. Organizes and implements a program of preventative maintenance.
  10. Ensures that all security systems, fire alarms, and clock systems are fully operational and that all
    changes are properly approved and executed.
  11. Prepares and administers the budget for maintenance, grounds and custodial supplies and
  12. Maintains inventory of all materials and equipment related to building and grounds.
  13. Maintains such personnel, insurance, building drawings, shop drawings, and other records as
  14. Supervises and inspects allwork performed by outside contractors and verifies that the terms of such
    contracts have been fulfilled before authorizing payments.
  15. Directs the preparation of playing fields, grounds and other necessary facilities for athletics and other
    school activities.
  16. Assists in the recruitment, employment, assignment, transfer, promotion, demotion or dismissal of
    maintenance and custodial personnel.
  17. Makes recommendations for the assignment or termination of all personnel in the area of
  18. Conducts a continuing program of staff training and personnel development for custodial and
    maintenance staff.
  19. Establishes the work schedule for all custodial and maintenance personnel.
  20. Coordinates vacation schedules for departmental personnel.
  21. Performs duties with awareness of all school district requirements and policies.
  22. Assumes any other responsibilities as assigned by the Business Administrator or designee.



Deadline:  April 26, 2019.