Kirby Cider Mill

Albion , NY


Kirby Cider Mill
Albion, NY Temporary
Posted on August 22, 2019
NEEDS 12 TEMPORARY WORKERS 8/26/2019 TO11/15/2019

•Work tools, Supplies,equipment provided with out cost to worker.

•Housing will be available without cost to workers who cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end of the workday.

•Transportation reimbursement and subsistence is provided upon completion of 15 days or 50% of the work contract.

•Work is guaranteed for 3/4 of the workdays during the contract period.

$13.25 per hr or applicable piece rate.


Applicants to apply contact (866)466-9757 for your nearest State Workforce Agency office  or apply for the job at the nearest local office of the SWA Job order#1306793. Picking apples for fresh market and/or processing. For productivity must be 5 bins per day for fresh market apples 6 bins per day processing apples with no more than 5% bruising. Workers must be physically able to pick apples most of which is done on ladders with lower branches picked from ground. Picked apples are placed in metal framed canvas covered picking buckets with canvass traps that slip over the head and shoulders. The bucket when full weighs up to 40 pound sand is emptied into 20 bushel bins. Workers are required to handle ladders up to 24’ long and weighting a bout 2lbs per foot. Workers will be instructed to selectively pick mature apples according to size,color, and other usda grade standards. Trim apple trees, hand thin apples,weeding,hoeing,suckering. 3 month experience in work listed required.