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Registered Nurses

PA Department of Corrections
Mechanicsburg, PA Intern/Co-op
Posted on November 4, 2017

Wanted: The PA Department of Corrections is currently recruiting for Registered Nurses to fill vacancies at the State Correctional Institution Benner Township, Bellefonte, PA. 

Necessary Special Requirement: Possession of a current license to practice as a registered nurse issued by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing; or possession of a non-renewable temporary practice permit issued by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing. 

Condition of Employment: Employees possessing non-renewable temporary practice permits must obtain licensure as a Registered Nurse within the one (1) year period defined by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing. 

Salary Range: $58,336 to $88,589 with retirement and benefits packages. 

Working For The Pa Department Of Corrections Offers Great Benefits And More: 

Free Parking Group Life Insurance Age 55 Retirement Competitive Pay Job Security Regular Work Schedules Vacation & Holiday Leave Health Care Benefits Paid Sick Leave 

Job Duties: 

This is professional nursing work. An employee in this class performs as a charge nurse, staff nurse or an assessment coordinator providing nursing care and treatment services in a Commonwealth facility for individuals with a mental or physical injury or illness, dysfunctional behavior and/or a developmental disability. Assesses individuals' physical, psychosocial and/or mental health status. Determines immediate and long range nursing care and treatment plans, goals, staff utilization, supply and equipment needs. Assigns and directs the work efforts of assigned paraprofessional and non-professional nursing direct care personnel. Coordinates services, coverage of services and maintenance of records. Administers prescribed medications and treatments and takes physician's orders. Monitors nursing care through observation and review of charts, records and reports. Updates nursing care charts, records and reports. Develops, recommends and directs changes in the administration of nursing care and treatment methods and plans. Reviews, monitors, reports, and develops corrective action plans for nursing department procedures and nursing staff performance in a nursing specialty care area. Provides and/or assists with the provision of complete nursing care and treatment in a medical clinic. Assists a clinic physician with scheduling and conducting physical examinations. Assists a clinic physician with providing emergency health care coordination services for individuals and/or for facility employees. Compiles, reviews, monitors and interprets nursing data base. Evaluates nursing care and treatment plans. Observes, interprets, records and reports symptoms, vital signs and the effects of pharmacological agents and therapeutic treatments to shift supervisor. Provides guidance to paraprofessional and non-professional nursing direct care staff in implementing, reviewing and modifying nursing care plans. Coordinates nursing infection control and quality assurance/improvement/risk management procedures and pre-discharge planning efforts. Directs the delivery of Individual Habilitation Programs (IHP), training and habilitation services. Integrates the various aspects of the comprehensive IHP. Records individual's progress in meeting IHP program objectives. Initiates periodic reviews of each individual's IHP plan of care. Provides nursing expertise to the Interdisciplinary Treatment Team. Participates in developing, implementing, evaluating and modifying comprehensive individualized care and treatment plans. Plans and coordinates the activities of the assigned nursing care staff and the resources of other disciplines as part of the Interdisciplinary Treatment Team Organizes and conducts, or co-conducts, with other professional disciplines, various treatment modalities. Positions, moves, and/or lifts non-ambulatory individuals with assistance, as needed, to assist them with daily living and physical treatment activities. Develops and maintains a therapeutic milieu and a safe and sanitary environment. Develops and provides training, guidance and counseling to patient's families on health promotion and maintenance. Participates in nursing and facility committee activities. Orients new employees to the policies and procedures, rules and regulations of the nursing department and the health care facility. Provides on-the-job training for paraprofessional and non-professional nursing care personnel. Participates in staff development programs to further enhance professional nursing skills. Prepares and submits records and reports as required in accordance with rules, regulations and operating practices. Reviews pre-entrance physicals and documents medical concerns and needs of students for provision of appropriate services. Performs related work as required. 

Required Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities: 

Knowledge of the theories, practices and methodologies of professional nursing. Knowledge of the principles and practices involved in organizing and directing the work of others in providing nursing care and treatment. Knowledge of therapeutic and adverse effects of pharmacological agents and medical treatments. Knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. Knowledge of hospital dietetics and personal hygiene. Knowledge of the principles and methodologies of quality nursing practices. Ability to apply professional nursing practices, techniques, methodologies, and standards. Ability to direct, instruct, guide, and lead paraprofessional and non-professional nursing direct care staff. Ability to develop and implement a comprehensive nursing care and treatment plan in accordance with the prescribed medical, psychiatric and/or psychosocial regimen. Ability to promote and maintain continuity of care and treatment within a medical clinic, or in a patient care area(s), ward(s), unit(s) and/or living area(s). Ability to make independent judgments in relation to the nursing care of individuals and in resolving life threatening health problems. Ability to plan and assess immediate and long term nursing care goals and objectives for individuals in patient care area(s), ward(s), and/or living area(s). Ability to insure that staffing levels are proper for the nursing care and treatment needs of the individuals. Ability to plan and coordinate activities of the nursing direct care staff with resources of other disciplines. Ability to provide guidance and on-the-job training and recommend additional training or continuing education. Ability to establish and maintain effective communications with individuals, their family members and other members of the health care system. Ability to position, move, lift and/or transfer non-ambulatory with assistance, as needed. Ability to identify actual or potential health and safety hazards. Ability to evaluate patterns and trends in the nursing care and health care system. Ability to administer prescribed medications and treatment. Ability to observe, interpret, document, and report individual's symptoms, vital signs and reactions/responses. Ability to demonstrate competence in specialty nursing care and treatment areas, as appropriate. Ability to apply professional nursing concepts, techniques, and procedures to the care and treatment of individuals. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with employees of the health care facility. Ability to prepare and maintain records and reports. Ability to participate in staff development, in-service and out-service training and/or continuing education courses. Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. 

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workforce diversity. Advertisement paid for by PA tax dollars


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